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My husband Robert Poulton was an operatic baritone who was tragically killed in a road accident in Sussex in October 2012. We were extremely happily married, and are the parents of two beautiful sons.

Rob was a wonderful father, and a very successful opera singer, but he was also so much more than that. If you were ever lucky enough to spend time in his company, you will know exactly what I mean; he had an innate ability to share his love for life, his charm and his integrity with everyone that he met. 

Whilst on stage he was able to engage with the emotions of his audience in a way that eludes many classical singers of this generation. He was not only able to reduce the most challenging of audiences to tears with the timbre of his mellifluous baritone, but he could also evoke intense laughter, with merely the lifting of an eyebrow, or the twinkling of an eye. When he sang he made you feel good; it’s as simple as that!


The Robert Poulton Foundation aims to share and ignite a love of singing and embrace its ability to change lives for the better. You can read more about our work with our Sing It! and Jubilate projects.


The foundation is entirely dependent upon the generosity of our supporters, so however little you are able to donate, whether as a one-off donation or with a regular contribution, you will be helping to pass on Rob's love of singing, and its ability to change lives. I know that this is both greatly needed and entirely possible, in a world that can often be challenging.

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