Sing It!

Sing It!

Sing It! The Robert Poulton Foundation

...putting singing back into the hearts of children...

There was a time when singing played a very important role in every primary school in the land. Successive cuts to music service budgets, together with an extremely crowded National Curriculum have resulted in decreased time and value for what is the most elemental and instinctive form of music making, which fundamentally helps underpin and maintain wellbeing and happiness.


We believe all children have a right to good quality singing provision.


Sing It! is our education project. Devised by composer Martin Neill, it is a four year scheme which starts in Year 3. We aim to provide participating schools with a specialist practioner, who will give each class a 30 minute session per week, where together they will explore the joy of singing.


Our intention is to reflect as many different styles and traditions as possible, allowing children to explore their voices in a variety of ways.


In Martin's words:


"One of the reasons I love to compose for children is seeking the pure joy on their faces as they discover something new, laugh at an amusing lyric, or close their eyes as they lose themselves in the emotion of the song. For me, the sound of chidren singling with enthusiasm is always a a thrill."

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